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Our Books:

Starting and Running a Successful Newsletter or Magazine ($19.79 from Amazon) - the most popular and up-to-date book about starting new publications, now in its fifth edition. Focuses on the business side of publishing: raising money, marketing to subscribers, selling ads.

Every Nonprofit's Guide to Publishing ($19.79 from Amazon) - filling in the details we could not include in the startups book, this one focuses on the editorial or creative side of publishing: creating content, production workflows, working with freelancers. And it also details special budgeting concerns of nonprofit organizations.

Publishing Workbooks for Sale:

Startup Magazine Business Plan Kit ($97) - this kit includes annual financial projections plus line-by-line instructions for estimating your publishing costs and revenues. In addition, there is a workbook (and instructions) for analysing the other publications already in your niche, or likely to be competitors.

Advertising Rate Card Workbook ($30) - this workbook (and instructions) helps you develop the right advertising prices, for all sizes of ads, from the full pages to the smaller ones.

Monthly Publishing Budget Worksheets ($89) for Nonprofits and Indy Publications - created especially for nonprofits, but useful for all publishers, this workbook (and instructions) helps you build a monthly publishing budget based on some assumptions about how many issues you will publish per year, how many pages per issue, staffing, and so on.

Other Resources

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