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Every Nonprofit's Guide to Publishing: Creating Newsletters, Magazines & Websites People Will Read

By Cheryl Woodard and Lucia Hwang

This exciting new publishing book covers the unique needs of editors at nonprofit organizations, who have a mission or an organization's needs to consider. The book will also be enormously helpful to anyone who produces newsletters, websites, magazine, e-letters, or blogs with a limited budget or staff, covering all of these topics:

  • Hiring Contributors - writers, designers, sales, etc.
  • Editing for Great Content - web and print
  • Editorial Calendars, Schedules, Contracts
  • Managing Websites
  • Publication and Website Design
  • Advertising Sales Strategies
  • Postal Regulations for Periodicals
  • Distribution and Marketing Ideas
  • Negotiating with Printers
  • Tax Issues
  • Creating a Publishing Budget
  • Conducting Surveys, polls, Focus groups
  • 100s of Publishing Industry Resources Listed


Do not lift a finger to start a non-profit publishing venture before reading every page of this book. Mark Dowie, Former Publisher and Editor of Mother Jones Magazine

What makes this such a practical resource for nonprofits on a limited budget are the very specific tools and tips covering all aspects of newsletter and magazine publishing, including worksheets, real life examples, and guidelines to evaluate the success of an organization's publishing program. Stephanie Roth, Editor, Grassroots Fundraising Journal

Great for training others or answering your own questions. John Griffin, President, National Geographic magazine.

Invaluable advice for creating print and online publications that will grab an audience - and stir them to action - without overspending your budget. Jay Harris, Publisher, Mother Jones

How to launch a message-driven print magazine or website in the 21st century, including all manner of helpful and easy-to-understand advice. David Loeb, Publisher, Bay Nature magazine

About the Authors

Cheryl Woodard is a full-time publishing business and strategy consultant who also edits two websites: and She is author of the book, Starting and Running a Successful Newsletter or Magazine (Nolo), and co-founder of PC Magazine, PC World, and Macworld.

Lucia Hwang is a journalist and magazine writer who currently edits a nonprofit association’s magazine. Her degrees are from the University of California, Berkeley, and Columbia School of Journalism. Lucia has been writing and editing for magazines, websites, and newsletters her whole career. She has also taught basic editing skills to new j

How to Order

You can order the printed book, or an electronic version, from the publisher at Nolo also offers this book in special bundles with other books for nonprofit organizations, at a big savings. The book is also available from and other online booksellers.

Companion to the Book:

Publishing Budget Worksheet

Only $89

A tool for creating reasonable publishing budgets.



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