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Creating Low-Cost Content for Newsletters, Magazines, and Web Sites

Cutting Your Publishing Costs without Firing People or Trashing Your Products

Six SEO Tips for Publishers: Getting More Traffic at Your Web Pages

How Much Will it Cost to Launch My Magazine?

NEWLY POSTED Download our 50-page report, New Growth Strategies for Independent Book, Web and Magazine Publishers, (PDF) written by Cheryl Woodard and Thea Selby. We describe great ideas for quickly growing your revenues - even in a terrible economy! - using new technologies. Dozens of practical examples are included.

The Advertising Sales Process in a Nutshell

How We Started PC Magazine in 1981 with $150,000

Improving Your Web and Magazine Publishing Profits

Creating and Selling Digital Editions

New Advertising Sales Ideas for Web Publishers

Essential Elements of A Newsletter, Website, or Magazine Business Plan

Who Funds Magazine Startups?
published by New York University's Center for Publishing

Ten Hot Tips for First-Time Publishers

A Self-Test: How good are your ideas about starting a publication?

Five Deadly Magazine, Website, or Newsletter Publishing Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

Web Survival Guidelines for Small Magazines
published March 1, 2000 in Folio Magazine

How to Make a Magazine, Content Website, or Newsletter That Will Last

Other Articles We Recommend:

The Laughing Bear Newsletter published an article about Magazine Business Models that provides an excellent overview for people who have never considered exactly what their own business model should be, and another great article called Starting a Magazine.

A Wall Street Journal columnist named Daniel Pink interviewed us (among other people) about a startup idea. The article is called The Life Expectancy of a Dead Celeb Magazine.

The following article is reproduced with permission from the July/August 1990 issue of MS magazine."Sex, Lies and Advertising", by Gloria Steinem


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