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Starting & Running a Successful Newsletter or Magazine, 5th Edition

By Cheryl Woodard
Completely Revised 5th Edition is now available with fresh news and updates about Web publishing.

If you're wondering how to start a magazine, newsletter or internet publication, you need this book! Available right now from Amazon.This book consistently proves more popular than any other magazine publishing book for sale through Amazon.

This hands-on business book for magazine, web and newsletter publishers details raising startup money, finding skillful collaborators, choosing the right marketing strategies, building loyalty among readers and advertisers, and competing effectively.

Table of Contents

Smart Publishing
Building the Reader Relationship
Developing Your Circulation Strategy
Subscription Budgeting and Profitability
Building Your Advertising Business
Adding More Products
Raising Money and Working With Investors
Gathering and Using Financial Information
Getting Help From Other People
Managing Employees
An Internet Publishing Strategy
Making Strategies
Resources for Publishers


" . . . a valuable and comprehensive guide through the many details of running a money-making publishing business." The Newsletter on Newsletters
" Congratulations! Your book is extremely well organized, chock full of useful factual information, and quite inspiring. My only concern is it will probably encourage many new competitors to launch computer magazines . . . and God knows we already have enough of those on the market!" Pat McGovern, Chairman of IDG
" Woodard's book is a must read for anyone who wants to understand how to run a whole magazine. I remembered a dozen things I'd forgotten and discovered a dozen more I never knew." Don Nicholas, Editor of Subscription Marketing
" I really wish I had this book when I started publishing eight years ago. It's the only book I've seen that provides all the crucial information publishers need to know." Tim Keck, Publisher of The Stranger

About the Author

Cheryl Woodard is a cofounder of PC Magazine, PC World, Publish, and Macworld, as well as the Macworld Expo. Her second publishing how-to book is called, Every Nonprofit's Guide to Publishing, with co-author, Lucia Hwang.As a business consultant, she has worked with hundreds of publications, big and small. Her book is filled with examples of real problems publishers commonly face and creative solutions available to them

How to Order

You can order the printed book - or an electronic downloaded version - from the publisher at And Nolo often offers good deals (like free shipping) at this website, so check with Nolo first. The book is also available from and other online booksellers.

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