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Business Information

Articles about magazine publishing from our group of consultants.
Business plan articles: Our Web site has articles about writing business plans. We also sell a magazine business plan kit that you can use to quickly develop your own plan.
Calendar of publishing events: upcoming events that are relevant to publishingprofessionals, including conferences, seminars, tradeshows and trainings
Folio: Superbook: This database is a useful resource for magazine publishers trying to find vendors, consultants and services.
Laughing Bear Newsletter:This is a great site with articles and links for small book publishers, and an excellent article about starting magazines. Online Resource Directory for all things related to
starting a new publication. Their unique forum is a great place to ask questions and receive feedback from industry insiders as well as other publishers.
MediaFinder is a commercial directory of publications. Use their free search feature to local competitors.
Publishing Central: gathered from many sources, this site offers a collection of articles about how to publish a book, starting a magazine, zine publishing, and more. The site is very thorough and well organized
The Publishing Law Center:  This award-winning site is dedicated to teaching people about laws surrounding the publishing industry.  If you have legal questions, look here for informative answers.  They'll help you to "stay on the right side of the law."
Free Trade Magazines has subscription information for free professional and trade magazines.
Sample Business Plan: Directory of sample business plans including one for a magazine. Read real sample business plans online.

Publishing Associations

American Business Media (ABM): The ABM is an association of business-to-business publishers. One excellent service is providing educational materials and references for publishers.
Association of Alternative Newsweeklies: The AAN has members all over the United States and offers a host of member services.
City and Regional Magazines Association (CRMA) is an independent association of people publishing entertainment, travel and news magazines focusing on a city or region. They offer conferences and online support to each other.
International Regional Magazines Association: IRMA is an association of city, state and regional magazine publishers. They hold conferences and offer other services to their members.
Magazine Publishers of America (MPA): The MPA is the industry association for consumer magazines. Established in 1919, the MPA represents more than 200 US-based publishing companies with more then 1,200 titles; more than 75 international companies; and more than 90 associate members providing services to the industry. MPA dues are tied to magazine revenues, and most of their services are geared toward the larger, established companies who belong. Tiny, independent publications are better off joining the IPA.
National Association of Publishers Representatives (NAPR): These are independent advertising sales firms who sell ads on behalf of their magazine clients. This site has information about finding and working with independent sales representatives.
Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association (NEPA):  The NPA is an association dedicated to helping newsletter publishers succeed. They offer excellent conferences, and their site includes listings of companies that provide custom publishing services. NPA membership can help first-time publishers quickly learn the ropes and network with experienced people.
Society of National Association Publications (SNAP): Promotes the interests of the voluntary associations and societies that are members. They offer conferences, seminars and publications addressing the unique needs of their members. We find their resources useful for all publshers who want to provide compelling information.
Western Publishers Association (WPA):  The WPA is an association of magazine publishers and suppliers to magazines. The organization offers seminars and other member benefits. Their site will explain. It also provides a job bank and a member directory. For the price, which is very fair, I think the WPA is a good bargain if your business is located in the Western U.S. Give a look.

Content Sources: Writers, Photos, Illustrations

Authors and Experts: This service helps publishers connect with writers and quotable experts on a wide range of topics.
Abbey Content Enterprises: offering to create and manage content-driven websites and publications on a retainer and regular basis.
The Editorial Freelancers Association: The EFA is a wonderful resource for hiring freelance editors
National Writers Union:
This group offers workshops and other excellent services for writers. Publishers can use the organization to connect with good writers. You can also download a sample article contract from them.
Cartoon Resource is a searchable database of cartoons that you can reprint in your publication.
Dans Cartoons
: Professional cartoonist Dan Rosandich offers his existing cartoons and custom ones to publishers at this site.
FolioPlanet is a wonderful resource for buying illustrations and stock images from illustrators. The process is easy and the selection is enormous.
Foto Search Stock Photography
allows users to search from more than fifty quality stock photography vendors at one site. They can also find clipart pictures, royalty-free illustrations, royalty-free motion stock video clips, royalty free vector maps, and background clip art imagery.
Free Stock Photos: a listing of sources.
Freelance Writers is a leading provider of copywriting, website content, magazine writing and email advertising services. Our team of talented writers brings money-making creativity to your next project. offers copywriting and editing services of all kinds.

Mick Wiggins Illustration: Offers first-class original illustrations and also stock art from one of the world's finest illustrators.
Picture Quest: a stock photography and images service. Membership is free.
PICS has contemporary royalty free and rights managed stock images. Multicultural (people, countries, culture, nature, landscapes). Instant downloads.
Vlad Kolarov Illustrator/Cartoonist/Logo Designer


Ace Inc Marketing provides design consultation and creative services for magazines, books, and branding materials for startups and established publishers.
Ayers/Johanek Publication Design: providing professional design and art direction specifically for magazines.
Blue Mammoth Design: A graphic design studio that specializes in bookandmagazine covers and interiors.
Corporate Imagination: A designer who does magazines as well as corporate image materials.
Designwell also offers magazine design and some production support.
Bocu and Bocu: A design firm dedicated to launching and redesigning publications.They offer design and art direction services for trade and consumer magazines, catalogues, and newsletters.
Rebecca Dolan is a designer with magazine experience as well as general marketing communications design.
International Graphic Arts Editors Forum (IGAEF) website has information about design and production, including directories of products and services.
Tobi Designs is a publications design firm that helps companies and non-profits build relationships through their annual reports, custom magazines, books and white papers.
Designer Fran Sherman www.shermanstudios has experience designing magazines, books, and websites, plus the whole range of marketing materials.
Mitch Shostak leads a team of magazine and publication designers at
Select Layouts: offers newsletter templates in many varieties and styles.

Other Services for Publishers

Booknote provides Internet book marketing and promotion strategies as well as web design and ecommerce development for authors and publishers. a new job-staffing source exclusively for the circulation industry. As an online exchange, it is devoted to helping publishers fill jobs and circulators find jobs. It has the most up-to-date ads in the industry right now!
CircServ is the nationís largest distributor of free-circulation newspapers and magazines with delivery operations in 150 US cities, and access to more than 1 million individual retailers and restaurants.
Copylaw: is a website for authors and independent publishers covering business and legal issues.
Email Appenders is a service to help publishers manage email lists. For example, they can help you find missing email addresses for your subscribers.
Format: This is a free monthly email newsletter for people involved in the production of newsletters, magazine, books, newspapers and other formatted materials. It offers news about software and other tools.
Go Publish provides resources for writers interested in self-publishing. This new site says "Our goal is to provide you with the best self-publishing resources the Internet has to offer." Gives Direct Marketers on line access to the same lists used by the major mailers, without the usual minimums, along with a wealth of other resources that can make you marketing efforts more productive and cost effective.
Magazine Manager: Offers web-based software for managing circulation, ad sales, editing, accounts receivable, and production. A complete system at affordable prices.
Magazine Publisher: This company offers design, printing, and distribution services. Their site includes wonderful tools (like a printing cost estimator) plus thoughtful how-to articles geared to first-time publishers.
MagSampler: One place to buy single copies of more than 360 publications. And publishers, you can sell copies through this site, too.
National Association of Publishers Representatives: These independent sales agencies handle ad sales for publishers. Their site has information about working with outside reps, including a sample contract. is an Internet Dictionary with thousands of terms about the online world of business, technology and communication
Open Horizons/John Kremer:Suppose that in addition to your newsletter or magazine, you want to publish books. Then we highly recommend the information and services you'll find at Open Horizons. You can order John Kremer's books and low-cost reports about book marketing as well as his print and electronic newsletters. He's also available as a marketing consultant to authors and publishers. The site features two online discussion lists about marketing books and public relations.
The Paper Source: A company specializing in the supply of paper to several markets, particularly to catalogs and magazines. They are a resource for the high end users of print and paper. On their Web site, you can requests quotes online.
Publish2Profit: Internet based software solutions for publishers.
Put it in Writing: a full-service newsletter publishing company offering an array of services: interviewing, editing, writing, typesetting, photography, graphics, layout/design, printing and mailing.
Wooden Horse Publications: This company publishes updated market facts for writers and their web site is very useful to publishers as well. It has magazine industry news that you will want to read.
Write Exposure: This is a full service newsletter publishing and design company that specializes in company newsletters for finding and retaining customers. Their services include design, layout, writing and editing for print, website and email newsletters.

Internet Resources for Magazines and Newsletters Eager for new revenue and new readers? Tired of permissions headaches?'s Web-based instant licensing clearinghouse can help. See their site
Digital Publishing is a British company that converts printed magazines to flash versions, or creates a flash version from scratch. Specializes in converting your publication's PDF files into a version that scans readily on your website, adding links, breaking up pages, and so forth. Prices are very reasonable and service is great. A full-service website development program for publications that promises to help magazines make more money from their websites.
Olive Software is another US vendor that can convert printed or PDF documents into digital editions. offers a wide range of digital delivery services for publishing clients all over the world. is a site that helps publishers create and publishing an online magazine.
Press Publisher offers an easy to use online content management system for publishers.

Publishing Consultants

Accountants Peter Craig and Harrold Jaffe offer financial advice. They are specialists in mergers and acquisitions. Can help you value a publication for sale.
Ad Sales Training and Coaching. Helen Berman provides customized media sales solutions, as well as sales training, event speaking, and personalized marketing and management consulting. Helen also provides personalized mentoring/coaching for print, Internet, and exhibition and event sales executives.
Next Steps Marketing is a team offering audience development, circulation modeling, newsstand consulting, and marketing support for publishers.
Circulation Specialists
offer full-service outsourcing of subscription marketing and fulfillment.
CircFocus offers circulation marketing services to a wide range of publishers, including startups.
Bert Langford offers print and production consulting and he authored a book called, Working With Magazine Printers.
Krentzman Communications provides editorial consulting support for developing print, online and digital content.
Publishing Help. William Dinkerly provides a full range of consulting services to startup publications and established ones.
Quantum Media has excellent circulation consultants.
Media Growth. Kathi Simonson trains salespeople.
Sensible Strategies focuses on growth and Web strategies for independent and small magazine publishers.
Smart Publisher: sells software for managing advertising sales functions.
Special Interest Media offers strategic planning, launches and overall management advice.
Stark Services handles subscription sales and fulfillment.


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