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Q: I have a great idea for a new magazine (or internet publication). What should I do first?

Answer: Read and learn more about the publishing business. Once you've got a feel for the industry, and you're ready to develp your ideas, think about writing a business plan The success rate for magazines with a business plan is about 200% better than those that start without one. Even if you don't plan to raise money from outside investors, writing a plan is a good way to organize your thoughts, gather information, and learn about the business. Maybe after you work on your plan you'll decide that you don't want to publish a magazine after all. If so, you haven't lost anything by writing the plan, right?

Read our article about writing business plans for magazines. You should also read Cheryl Woodard's book, Starting & Running a Successful Newsletter or Magazine (Nolo Press). The book will give you an overview of the whole business so you know what you're getting into. It's available in bookstores everywhere, online from  or from Nolo Press at 800-992-6656. Amazon sells the book for about $19 plus shipping. Bookstores sell it for $29.95. Most libraries have it, too.

There are several other good books about starting publications in our online publishing bookstore. We also offer a simple magazine business plan kit that will help you quickly assess the potential for your magazine idea and develop the financial projections you will need.

After you've read some books and written your business plan, contact us. We offer a range of low-cost consulting services for startups



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