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Q: Are there companies that will help me sell online ads in exchange for a share of the revenues?


There are several ways to generate advertising revenues on your website without hiring your own ad sales team. Traffic is the key to all of them - the more visitors you have at your site, the more money you can earn from ads. And some ad sales networks will not work with a site unless traffic numbers in the thousands of visitors per month.

Google Adsense is widely used, easy to set up, and Google will place ads on every site, no matter how much or how little traffic it has.

These other advertising network sales vendors compete with Google, placing banner and text ads on websites and sharing the revenues with site owners. These vendors may offer better terms than Google, and they may have more expertise with niche advertisers. You should explore all of them:

We suggest that you find out what networks are already working in your subject area by visiting sites that carry ads.

More Information

I recommend my business how-to book for publishers, Starting and Running a Successful Newsletter or Magazine. It will help you understand the key decisions that drive your advertising sales. My second book, Every Nonprofit's Guide to Publishing (co-authored with Lucia Hwang) covers online publishing issues in even greater detail. Look for both in your local library, well-stocked bookstores, or buy them right now from


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