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Q: Is there good software for managing the editorial process, keeping track of articles that we are developing and future issues as they are evolving?

Answer: There are a few publication editing software products, but many of them are designed for large publishing operations (like a city newspaper or a big-time consumer magazine). They might be too expensive and too complicated for most smaller scale publications or websites.

If you are already using or considering a Content Management Software product - a tool that organizes articles, photographs, and other elements for websites and print publications - then you might see if your CMS program includes front-end modules to help you manage the process of creating content. There's a great Wikipedia article about CMS systems that includes a list of them..

Also check out two third-party vendors who created extensions to inDesign to handle workflows: Woodwing and DTI

And finally, here's a list of stand-alone products from a range of vendors. We have no experience with any of these programs, so check for references and see who else is using them.

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