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Q: How do I find good freelance writers on a small budget for my magazine or web publishing efforts?

Answer: In the best of all worlds, you would find great writers who also know something about your subject area. Try tracking down potential writers from associations or hobby groups in your niche and also post a listing with freelance job sites like

One excellent reference is called, The Writer's Market, an annual reference book from Writers Digest Books that includes copyright and payment information.You can study the terms offered by publications similar to yours, and then list your publication with Writers Market.

Another place to look would be the Editorial Freelancers Assocation where you can post freelance opportunities and let freelance workers make bids for your job. This site also has information about hiring freelancers. And you can find a sample freelance writers contract at the National Writers Union and post your recruiting announcements. Both of these sites also have freelance editors, in addition to writers.

Niche publishers typically pay 5 cents to 50 cents per word for writing, and $20 to $45 per page for copyediting or proofreading. And many publishers also get free content from volunteers.

Remember to treat good writers very well so that you can establish a mutually rewarding long-term relationship with the best ones.

Finally, check the content aggregation sites that offer low-cost access to 'recycled ' content from other sites, like and

Our new book, Every Nonprofit's Guide to Publishing, has a whole chapter about finding writers, developing writers guidelines, and getting the most out of a freelance writing team.


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